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    Shawn Rana Bio Shawn Rana is a pre-arranged Senior Executive, Consultant, and Global Corporate Leader with 26 years of contribution across different regions, including delivering, fertilizers, oil and gas, and agrichemicals. At this point, Rana lives in British Columbia. Preparing and Professional Roles Shawn Rana got a Bachelor of Science accreditation (B.S.) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, he has liked accomplishment in different positions, going from plant chief and planning/projects head to President and CEO of different associations in the manure business. A long-lasting boss and competent gathering chief, Shawn Rana has stood firm on huge level pioneer footings at such noticeable firms as Fortigen LLC, Iowa Fertilizer Company, Austin Powder Company, and Agrium. All through his job, Rana has steadily used his expansive local and worldwide contribution with finance, exercises, planning, and attempting to drive accomplishment and further progressive targets. Accomplices and corporate pioneers see Rana as a huge asset and go-to dominant in antacid and nitrogen fertilizer adventures and plant the chiefs. A noticeable business visionary, Rana is responsible for developing and driving a couple of multi-billion-dollar associations from the start during his occupation. An Extensive Skill Set Shawn Rana has determinedly shown a huge capacity for selecting fruitful individuals, running gathering exercises, and driving on-time transport of fundamental/serious need projects spreading over pragmatic districts. He is in like manner a popular informed expert in Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen and has cultivated a system to make the primary truly Green Urea in the world. Incorporate circles, Rana is for the most part known for his ability to cooperate with the Board of Directors and drive to plan and refine the corporate vision and to get the association's future state in genuine business areas. Business Accomplishments Several extraordinary accomplishments during Shawn Rana's calling include: Leading advancement of the essential overall scale, greenfield nitrogen fertilizer office in the US in more than 25 years (an office by and by seen as one of the most innovative and compelling gathering plants in the nation) Opening the way to China and sourced clients and contacts through perceiving associations to acquire for packaging/blending undertakings Performing money related due to relentlessness for a $50 million purchase to help future with fixing APC in-market

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    Shawn Rana is an experienced senior executive and consultant. He has 26 years of successful experience when it comes to fertilizers, manufacturing, agrichemicals, and gas/oil. Currently, he lives in Canada and the USA. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba,...
    What is Nitrogen in simple terms? Nitrogen is a chemical element represented by atomic number seven. Nitrogen is an unreactive, odorless gas that is actually about 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is super important in the chemical industry as it is used to make fertilizer, nylon, dyes,...
    Shawn Rana has several years of experience working with different fertilizers. From his experience, he’s learned there are three key components in most fertilizers: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Out of those three key ingredients, potassium is the only metal. Although these are all...
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